The Beauty
of imperfection

About Us

Manubric is a local Quebec company. Inspired by the unique charm of the ancestral Quebec homes and with a profound desire to make the irresistible classic appeal of aged brick walls more accessible to a wider clientele, we have developed an ultra-light ornamental interior brick, a true revolution!

The Manubric products are different in its following characteristics:

  • Fire resistant
  • Light weight
  • Can be installed on all surfaces
  • Easy to cut
  • Maintains its original color with time

An innvation and affordalte design accessible to all!

Whether it is for a child’s bedroom, an office, a living room with fireplace, a small bathroom or a kitchen, Manubric will give your interior design a touch of prestige, that you only dreamed of. Our vast choice of colors will allow the seamless integration of this timeless beauty to any design and in any room and of any size.

Manubric connects esthetic, durability and efficiency. Over two years of research and testing, with a patent-pending procedure, Manubric offers to renovators – amateurs and professionals alike – an affordable solution to your interior designs, with quality at the forefront of our products.

A new Product proudly made in Quebec, symbolic of our local innovation and talent.